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july 6th - july 17th 2020(2weeks) AJOU UNIV SUMMER IN KOREA
			Globalization and the K-Wave
			Intrigued by Globalization and K-Culture?
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Ajou International Summer School (AISS) is pleased to offer a new summer course, “Globalization and the K-Wave”.

Korean Cultural and Commercial products have exploded into the world’s consciousness in recent times. K-pop groups tour all inhabited continents. Korean movies and dramas have wowed Eastern audiences and Western critics. Korean gaming firms churn out an endless supply of hits that are enjoyed by players and viewed everywhere in the exploding e-sports sector. Korean companies dominate the world in industries as varied as mobile phones, shipbuilding, construction, televisions, heavy machinery, and microchip fabrication. How did a small, divided peninsular nation with just north of 50 million residents come to wield such outsized influence on world culture and commerce?

Our newly designed “Globalization and the K-Wave” provides you with first-hand experiences and understandings about globalization and the K-wave generally, with focal points including Korean pop-culture, language, and business. During this 2-week intensive program, participants will gain academic, cultural and linguistic appreciation through thoughtful academic lectures. Outside of the classroom, the program will also provideexcursions to the K-Style Hub, a Korean TV studio, a K-Pop dance class, Samsung Electronics Innovation Museum (SIM) and Samsung Human Resources Division (HRD) for Globalization, and a Digital Media Firm. Additionally, students will explore the modernity and history of Seoul on a walking tour visiting the royal palace grounds, a Bukchon pilgrimage route, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza and even the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) bordering North Korea. Overall, students will learn about the different components of hallyu, or the K-wave, both from its developmental aspects along with site visits to meet its creators and experience their actualizations of their visions of cultural products. It will be an educational and cultural adventure never forgotten.

The course will be comprised of lectures, experiential learning and team activities. Together with our Korean student facilitators, student groups will choose one area of the K-Wave to focus and dive more deeply, create a collaborative project, and present their findings.

Overall, students will gain an understanding behind the dynamo that created the Korean wave along with the different parts of this cultural phenomenon and how they worked together to give Korea such global cultural and commercial influence.