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Exchange Program
How to apply

Online Application

Application guideline

Please read the information carefully before making your application.

  • Guideline on application to Ajou student exchange programPDF
  • How to apply onlinePDF
Online Application

Please click to access the online application.

Online Application : https://mhaksa.ajou.ac.kr:30443/public.html#!/e010402

Required documents

Please upload the following documents whilst completing the online application to Ajou University.

  1. Official transcript
  2. Self-Introduction EssayDOC
  3. Passport Copy
  4. Face Photo (the size should be less than 200KB / this will be used for your Ajou University student ID card)
  5. Health & Medical Clearance Form: fill out the form and upload / please check #5 from the 'Notice' section below.PDF
  6. English Course Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/AjouCourseSurvey2024Fall submit it when you do the online application. 

* Application fee (Individual applicants Only)

** Individual applicant : applicant who is coming from neither partner university of Ajou nor the ISEP institutions.

  1. The system requires all fields of the application to be completed. If the necessary information or required documents are not uploaded, the application will not be accepted.
  2. Make sure to save the application form while you are filling it out and click "submit" when complete.
  3. The applicant should remember 1) Name 2) Date of birth 3) Email address to log in to the system.
  4. If a student doesn't have a passport at the time of application, the student must upload an alternative file to complete the online application. In the meantime, the student must email a copy of his/her passport immediately when the passport is issued.
  5. Heath & Medical Clearance Form
    All international students are required to submit the tuberculosis test result whilst completing the online application. Please note the purpose of collecting this information is to review the student's eligibility of staying at Ajou dormitory.
  6. English Course Survey
    All international students that have been officially nominated by their home university for the Ajou Exchange Program must submit this form. Students must refer to the list of the courses from the previous semesters to complete this form. After completing the form, students must fill out the form and submit it within the deadline. 

If a student is willing to send an email to Ajou University, please make sure to write your full name and name of the home university and mention that you are an applicant of the exchange student program so that we can quickly identify you.

Any Inquiries

Incoming Exchange Coordinator

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