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ajou virtual exchange

Do you still want to experience Korea but cannot go abroad in the upcoming Spring semester? At AJOU University, we are offering virtual exchange and studying online for the Spring 2021 semester while welcoming students on campus also. Please find the below information and apply (nominate) by December 15th, if you wish to participate in the virtual exchange program.

*Virtual courses offering spring 2021

AJOU Virtual exchange

In Spring 2021, Ajou will offer 6 virtual exchange courses in the field of business administration and Korean studies for the students of Ajou’s partner schools and the fees will be free of charge

The courses will be in combination of on-demand and live sessions, and may require participation in live sessions, however, after completing the pre-course registration (attached with the application form), Office of International Affairs will work with faculty members to find the most suitable time to allow students from all time zones to complete courses similarly. Some courses involve group work/discussions that should be done during a certain time period, but those meetings can be organized according to the students’ own schedules and can be discussed with the faculty to find the proper time spot.

General eligibility criteria:
  • GPA : above 3.0 / 4.5
  • English proficiency: above TOEFL 71, CET level 6, IELTS level 6 or equivalent
  • relevant study background, and the ability to participate in courses conducted in virtual platforms.
  • And the students should also be officially nominated by the home university

In the application, we will ask basic information for virtual exchange as well as the list of courses you want to take. Please find the course listing below. Please check your home university for the limitation on virtual course credits and we do not require any limitation on the virtual exchange courses as our regular semester limit is 19 credits/semester.

Please ask your home university to nominate you by email by the 15 December 2020 to incoming@ajou.ac.kr and fill in the application form by the same deadline (15 December). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at incoming@ajou.ac.kr

*Application form