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Online International Winter School
Course Offering

table for summer school course offering
No Course name Live / On Demand Class Hour Credit
1 Business Ethics Korean Time 09:00 - 12:00 45 3
2 Basic Korean 1 On Demand / Live (Once a week) 45 3
3 Current Issues in Korean Society On Demand / Live (Once a week) 45 3
4 Software Engineering On Demand 45 3
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Business Ethics

The news media have been much stronger in investigating bad behaviors done by companies.  Additionally, with smartphones and social media, people record unethical corporate behavior and immediately share it with the world.  Companies often do not have the systems to prevent, manage, and respond to this negative publicity.  Additionally, as an employee, workers want to do the right thing.  However, there are often competing pressures the push people, accidently or purposely, toward bad behavior, which can damage both their companies and personal careers.  Additionally, what is the ethical choice is not always clear, unless the employee has been taught to be ethically aware.  This course will explore how individuals can approach and understand the process that leads to ethical behavior, how managers can encourage their staff to act in appropriate ways, and what organizations can do to prevent bad actions and news which can seriously damage their businesses. 

Basic Korean 1

This course is designed for foreign students who have no or little baackground of learning Korean. This program is a three-week intensive course. Throughout this course, students will learn basic communication skills in Korean including Korean alphabets and pronunciation. Students are also expected to raise understanding of Korean culture with interactions during the class.

The objective of the course is to master Korean alphabet and to assist students obtain beginning level of Korean communication skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students will learn how to express simple ideas in Korean language on various familiar topics in their real life. By the end of the course, students are expected to be able to carry out basic level of communication skills, to understand of a short narrative discourse, and to broaden their language experience about Korean culture.

Current Issues in Korean Society

This course is an introduction to contemporary Korean society, economy, industry, politics, and culture. We will begin with an overview of contemporary Korea by glancing through the basic information such as geographic setting, population, cultural traits, and historical background of Korea. The experience of rapid development, transformation and modernization of Korean society are some of the other topics that will be dealt with throughout the course. 

We will then discuss the traditional value systems and modern ones. Psychological traits and behavioral patterns of contemporary Koreans will be surveyed. The kind of things you should understand in business environments in Korea will be studied as well.

Software Engineering

This course introduces to the student the basic concepts, principles, and dynamics of software engineering.  It involves the study of methodologies and technologies, and the construction of models at each major software development phase, namely, Requirements and Analysis, Design, Implementation, and Testing.  It also discusses the methodologies and technologies of software quality assurance and change management.  There is a project assignment in this course to enhance the practical skill of software engineering.

Students will learn about many aspects of working with a team on the projects to produce quality software products on time and within budget. 

The student will gain an appreciation of the tools and techniques used to develop software systems within a group context. Topics to be studied include:
 - life cycle models,
 - functional specification and design of real-time systems,
 - testing strategies and quality management 


For more detailed syllabi, please contact iss@ajou.ac.kr.