Ajou Vision 4.0 Global Campus

Message from the VP for International Affairs

Message from the Vice President

Ajou University’s Vision 4.0 provides a strong focus on campus internationalization. Offering abundant study abroad programs and also attracting talent from around the world give the Ajou community diverse opportunities to build networks globally. This creates a dynamic and intercultural environment that embraces international perspectives and diverse cultures to lead our students in preparing global challenges.

As a leading global university, we have much to offer, including the high-caliber education and research provided by prominent professors, a multi-cultural environment, active opportunities for industry-academic cooperation, the advantages of a geographical location connected to the past, present and future of Korea, and dedicated services to the members of entire Ajou community.

Ajou University proudly hosts many international visits, including faculty, researchers, students, and staff members from around the world. Our international teams on campus closely collaborate with academic departments and other administrative units as well as faculty and students. Our global supporters, a group of Ajou students who engage with international visitors and students, are enthusiastic to make new friendships with   their peers from around the world. Ajou University is ready to welcome international students in any capacity: 4-year degree programs, master’s or doctoral level programs, a semester or a summer/winter program, or a Korean language program.

As the Vice-President for International Affairs, I very much look forward to strengthening and expanding the network of collaborative activities across borders, so that Ajou community members and those of our international friends actively collaborate and learn from each other. The Office of International Affairs’ doors are always open to all. Welcome to Ajou!

Jeong Houn SonVice President for International Affairs