Ajou Vision 4.0 Global Campus

Message from the VP for International Affairs

Message from the Vice President

Dear proud members of the Ajou global community and future members, 

“One World, One Family!” This has been one of Ajou University’s three major guiding principles— along with “Respect for Humans” and “Seeking Truth from Fact”—since the university was founded in 1973. This principle conveys our vision of the entire world moving together in harmony. We must reach beyond the Korean Peninsula and advance into the world while at the same time welcoming ideas from all around the world. This idea of harmony and exchange continues to be one of Ajou University’s foremost principles for the education of youth.

Over the last half a century, Ajou University has grown to become one of Asia’s leading research universities and has continued to build close ties with institutions all around the world. Ajou University has established various international programs to be faithful to the spirit of its guiding principles. The university offers an abundance of study and research abroad programs to undergraduate and graduate students as well as to faculty members, and also attracts talented students and distinguished scholars from all around the world. We believe that these efforts are what have created Ajou University’s dynamic and intercultural campus environment, which embraces international perspectives and diverse cultures.

Ajou University now collaborates closely with over 300 partner universities in 70 countries and annually hosts more than 1,000 international students through various programs – including student exchange programs, 2- to 4-year degree programs, language courses, and summer schools – many of which have been in operation for decades. The university’s Office of International Affairs, or OIA, is at the forefront of these efforts to create a global community with dense and close networks. The primary mission of the OIA is to develop and implement the university’s global strategy, help students and faculty study and work abroad, support international students and scholars, and cultivate international partnerships.

Here, you can find detailed information on the various programs operated by the Ajou Office of International Affairs for the benefit of the university’s global community. All of our staff members are eager to help you—our door is always wide open to you all!

All the best,

Professor Seok-Won Lee, Ph.D.,Vice President for International Affairs