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[Incoming] ★ Ajou International Day with AUT 2023 World Food Expo/Traditional Costume Parade/K-POP Festival Recruitment

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  • 작성일 2023-10-12
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In celebration of Ajou University's 50th anniversary, we are thrilled to announce the Ajou International Day with AUT 2023 event, featuring a World Food Expo, Traditional Costume Parade, K-POP Festival, and other programs. We are now accepting applications for participants and performers to make this event a memorable one.

[Event Details]

Date: November 9, 2023(Thursday) 11:00 – 18:00

Venue: Gaon Lawn (Teletubbie’s Field)

● World Food Expo (Booth Operation & Booth Exhibition): International students of the same nationality can form groups to introduce their culture and tradition by cooking traditional dishes and decorating their booths. Each group will be assigned one or two booths to represent their country. 

※Students will operate booths with students from the same country. Even if you apply separately, if have the same nationality, you may be assigned to the same booth.

Traditional Costume Parade: Put on your traditional costume and share your country’s culture with people from around the world. (10-20 mins. of Parade)

※Traditional costumes should be voluntarily prepared and brought by the students participating in the parade.

 K-POP Festival: Form a team with your friends and participate in the K-POP Performance competition to showcase your talents. This is your chance to shine on stage.

※The team should be composed of either international students or a mix of Korean and international students.

※Only group performances are allowed. (One-Person performances are not allowed.)


To participate in any of the three programs, please fill out the application form provided in the link or by scanning the QR code on the poster.


-World Food Expo: APPLY

-Traditional Costume Parade: APPLY

-K-POP Performance: APPLY

Application Deadline: Friday, October 27, 2023, 23:59


Email: ajouevent@ajou.ac.kr

Phone: 031-219-3521